How To Apply To JDRC

Recruitment Status: Open

Ensure that you read and understand our requirements here: Our Requirements

Step 1: Register an account

  1. Head to
  2. Log in via EVE SSO (verify that the URL is “” to ensure it is safe)

Step 2: Add ALL of Your Character(s)

  1. Click on your Name on the Top Right of the screen. Select Link Character
  2. Login via EVE SSO (if prompted)
  3. Select your Character from the dropdown menu and hit Authorize
  4. Repeat this step for ALL characters
    NOTE: To add alts from extra accounts you may need to hit “cancel” in the EVE login screen to be directed back to the Login page
  5. Back on the Auth click on your Name on the Top Right, go to Profile and set your Main Character
  6. Click Change Email and set an email address (this is required for the forum access unfortunately).


Step 3: Pester a recruiter

  1. Join JDRC channel in-game, or
  2. Join our public Discord and ping @Recruiter

Step 4: Have a Discord voice interview

This is a fairly laid back but thorough interview.

We are looking to find out more about you as a person and help us determine if you are going to be a good fit or not. Your recruiter will schedule a time which suits you.

You must have a microphone and be able to speak English