Our Requirements

Recruitment Status: Open

Our requirements are pretty simple:

  • 2m SP Minimum. This is non negotiable unless you have an active member in good standing vouch for you.
  • Preferably be ability to fly a Stealth Bomber with Cov. Ops Cloak and T1 Torps
  • Participate in a minimum of 5x fleets every month (1x in your first month). This is pretty easy
  • Socialise with the rest of us and don’t be a loner. This isn’t the corp to be in if you have thin skin or hate fun.

What you get in return:

  • A very active PVP scene, there is almost always something to do
  • Assisted access into Caps / Supers / Titans if that’s how you swing
  • A very laid back atmosphere with other people who don’t take shit too seriously
  • Corp SRP on top of extensive Alliance SRP programs - in 90% of cases you make money by PVPing
  • The best location to krab to fund your PVP habbit (Delve) and SRP on selected PVE ships when you die

If you aren’t scared away by these easy requirements have a chat to one of our recruiters to start your application today.